The Merman in Guillermo del Toro's New Movie Will Have Sex

Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming film The Shape of Water is a new take on the merperson/human romance trope, this time featuring a merman/fish creature (Doug Jones) held in a government facility falling in love with a nice mute lady (Sally Hawkins) who brings him eggs.

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Jones recently revealed that not only will he appear fully nude — as in full frontal — in the film, but audiences will see him have trans-species sex with his co-star.

Jones told The Hollywood Reporter:

When I asked [del Toro] why this time does it need to involved full-frontal nudity — I mean, we’re going for it! — and he harkened back to the Creature from the Black Lagoon and Frankenstein and any of the classic monster movies that helped develop his love of monsters.

There was always a romantic side to these characters and relationships on film that never got actualized all the way. Guillermo said this time, the monster’s going to actually fuck the girl. A gentler way to say it is that this is the creature from the wet, black lagoon who actually gets the girl this time.

Rejoice, gays, because you’re going to have a fully naked fish man to drool over when The Shape of Water is released December 8.

Source: Out