Jeffree Star Tests Makeup With Oral Sex

There truly is no length Jeffree Star will not go to to help consult consumers on whether new products are worth their money. No length — get it?

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The YouTube makeup guru and cosmetics king uploaded a video this weekend testing out Urban decay’s new Troublemaker mascara, which claims to be “sex-proof.” Other YouTubers, like Star’s bestie Manny Mua, merely go sweaty to see if the mascara’s claims were true. But Star, never one to be topped by other reviewers — sorry, couldn’t help myself with that one — decided to really put the mascara to the test by putting on a few coats and then joining his boyfriend Nate in the shower for a midday romp. The verdict? watch and see.

[embedded content]

The mascara didn’t hold up? That blows.

Source: Out