Baby Come Back: Vanessa Hudgens to Release New Single this Friday

Don’t freak out, but Vanessa Hudgens has a new single coming out Friday—her first official track in 9 years, since 2008’s terrible classic, “Sneakernight.”

The song is a duet with Canadian pop star Shawn Hook (previous hits include “Sound of Your Heart” and “Relapse”), and it sounds to be a moody piano ballad, where Miss Coachella croons about heartbreak. 

Listen to the snippet, below:

And please, no matter what happens, do not underestimate the importance of this gloomy, entirely extra dress swish:

Our hope and prayer is that this single is part of a larger album or EP—and if God really is smiling down on us, Baby V will give us more music in the vein of our generation’s true anthem:

[embedded content]

And our  true song of sorrow:

[embedded content]

Source: Out