Watch: Lorde Debuts 'Perfect Places' On 'The Tonight Show'

Lorde's epic diary confession of an album, Melodrama, was finally released on Friday and it's a nearly perfect summer album: sexy, sad and celebratory all at once. One of the album's standout tracks, "Perfect Places", sees the 20-year-old searching for nirvana with the help of some party favors. It's an introspective look at a generation mindlessly seeking abandon at any cost, … [Read more...]

A Conversation With Berlin Artist Fábio M. Silva

A Conversation With Berlin Artist Fábio M. Silva Photography: Rodolfo Vommaro The multi-disciplinary artist's practice brings together fashion, drag and experimental music. By Rose Dommu Sun, 2017-06-18 16:07 Artist Fábio M. Silva has one of the most interesting perspectives in Berlin's art scene, blending together fashion design, drag and music into a captivating … [Read more...]

Meet Sakima: London's Rising Star Making Sexually Inclusive Pop

London singer Sakima is bringing provocative queer lyrics to radio pop, putting a flame to the palatable narratives mainstream LGBTQ musicians push and speaking about sex in the same way straight artists do. “I’m not interested in love songs,” he says. “I’m only interested in songs about sex because those create the most social change.”  Sakima’s debut four-track EP, Facsimile, … [Read more...]

This Underground Trans Icon Needs Your Help

If you're feeling giving this Pride season, we've got a worthy cause for you: New York City artist Bailey Stiles is raising money for her gender confirmation surgery, and you can help this underground icon meet her 20k goal. Stiles has been a fixture on the New York queer art scene for years as a model, muse, hair stylist, and member of drag collective Chez Deep (alongside … [Read more...]

Watch Jeffree Star Beat His Mug in a Private Jet

Viral makeup vlogger and beauty entrepreneur Jeffree Star has done some pretty outlandish things on his YouTube channel: beating his mug using only glitter, applying makeup with a condom, getting ready in the back of his Rolls Royce, cutting through a Chanel purse with a 1,000 degree knife. But Star may have just taken YouTube makeup tutorials to their literal peak by getting … [Read more...]