Lindsay Lohan Returns With New TV Show, 'The Anti-Social Network'

Queen of Everything Lindsay Lohan is officially back. Her new social media-themed TV show, called The Anti-Social Network, centers on the Mean Girls actress hijacking a person's social media account for 24 hours and daring them to complete embarrassing challenges in exchange for prizes. These hilarious dares, reminiscent of Ashton Kutcher's early 2000's series Punk'd, will test … [Read more...]

Dana Schutz Protestor Meets With Whitney Biennial Curators, Says Work Will Likely Remain Displayed

A painting by white New York artist Dana Schutz was protested last Friday by a group of black artists, who all stood in front of the painting for hours at the 2017 Whitney Biennial. The debated work, titled Open Casket, is based on a photograph from the funeral of Emmett Till, a 14-year-old black American who was murdered in Mississippi for flirting with a white woman. Schutz's … [Read more...]

Parliament Staff, Visitors Tried Getting on Grindr 250,000 Times in One Month

Despite employees being banned from accessing "explicit" sites on their 8,500 internal computers, Mirror reports that House of Commons staff and visitors attempted to access Grindr more than 250,000 times in just one month. The data comes from Freedom of Information, which requested to see a sample in 2016 of the Parliament's Internet traffic across several months. In addition … [Read more...]

Celebrate World Poetry Day With Grindr Hookup Haiku

@grindrhaiku on Instagram Because everyone was hoping for poetry about sad sex today. By Hilton Dresden Tue, 2017-03-21 17:45 Today is World Poetry Day, and you know what that means: poems about emotionless blowjobs have been compiled for your reading pleasure on the modern version of a poetry library: Instagram. Here's a sweet one about lifeless orgasms: A regular … [Read more...]

Alan Cumming Says Young Queer Men Don't Care About the AIDS Crisis

Alan Cumming is currently promoting his newest film, After Louie, which follows a former ACT UP activist that decides to let go of his baggage and reassess where he stands in the modern LGBTQ community, with which he harbors resentment towards. Directed by Vincent Wm. Gagliostro, After Louie explores the divide between queer men that came up on either side of the AIDS epidemic, … [Read more...]