ICYMI: 'SNL' Mocks Kim Davis and Martin Shkreli

Photo Courtesy of Saturday Night Live Twitter Miley Cyrus burned all of our least favorite people in one song. By Glenn Garner October 05 2015 11:03 PM EDT If you missed the 41st season premiere of Saturday Night Live, you need to play catch-up. Miley Cyrus hosted and played a gender fluid 20-something, and Hillary […]

52 LGBT Superheroes and Villains

Recruited by Green Arrow’s former sidekick, Roy Harper (Arsenal), to join a reformed version of the super team known as the Outsiders, Grace Choi is  half Amazon and carries the gifts of the gods Athena, Aphrodite, Demeter, Hera, and Hestia, which give her increased strength, durability, speed, and stamina.  Source: Out

Is 'Empire' Losing Viewers Over 'Gay Stuff'?—50 Cent Weighs In

“Bankrupt” occasional rapper and perennial schoolyard bully Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson recently took an opportunity to mock Empire‘s precipitous ratings drop and the show’s “gay stuff.” Fiddy re-grammed, then quickly deleted, the following post from noted ratchet hot mess, the Industry on Blast’s Instagram: After weathering some flack for the post, Jackson went on to clarify that […]

Gay Dads Featured as 'Galaxy's Best Dads' in Campbell's Soup Ad

It’s a Star Wars-inspired Campbell’s soup that appeals to the whole family. By Diego James October 05 2015 4:52 PM EDT Gay couple David Monahan and Larry Sullivan and their son enjoying a Star Wars-themed moment in the cutest Campbell’s Soup ad we’ve ever seen. Sullivan, the bearded one, as you may recall was in an […]

WATCH: Hillary Clinton Makes 'SNL' Cameo

Hillary Clinton walks into a bar… By Glenn Garner October 04 2015 8:52 AM EDT In case you thought Hillary Clinton was too calculating and/or cold, the democratic presidential hopeful stopped by Saturday Night Live last night. In a skit with Kate McKinnon as Clinton, Clinton played a bartender named Val while Miley Cyrus played a […]

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