David Hyde Pierce Talks Gay Jokes on Frasier

Photo: HuffPost Live During the Golden Age of dry-humor sitcoms, Frasier was one of the most popular shows on television. Alongside Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce was one of the biggest actors in television. With his directorial debut on Broadway, It Shoulda Been You, he sat down with HuffPost Live to discuss what he’s been […]

WATCH: The Teen Wolf Season Five Trailer

After teases upon teases there’s finally a real trailer for the upcoming season of Teen Wolf. Though it’s hard to see if there’s a glimpse of Hot List honoree Michael Johnston, we do get a few glorious seconds of Pretty Little Liars alum-turned-werewolf, Cody Christian. The fifth season of MTV’s supernatural drama is back in […]

Abby Wambach Opens Up About Private Life & Soccer Goals

Abby Wambach (left) and Sarah Huffman at ESPN the Party at WestWorld of Scottsdale on January 30, 2015, in Scottsdale, AZ. | Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for ESPN Soccer star Abby Wambach is preparing for her final World Cup — to be played across Canada June 6 to July 5— and the New York […]

Watch the Story of Jobriath, the First Openly Gay Rock Star

Meet Jobriath, also known as “The American David Bowie,” “Hype of the Year,” and (our personal favorite) “The True Fairy of Rock and Roll.” But if you haven’t heard of any of Jobriath’s many monikers, all the more reason for you to watch Jobriath A.D.  The music documentary unpacks the exciting, tragic, epic and epically […]

A Great Year for LGBT Movies, Thanks to Blanchett, Redmayne & Franco

Not every year can be like the relatively recent ones that brought us LGBT-related films of stature like Milk and The Kids Are All Right. In fact, in some years, it seems like the only gay representation we have at the cineplex is the fleeting sight of a sexless twink best friend character of the […]

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