100 Years Of Men’s Underwear In Three Minutes

Long johns. Tighty whities. Joe Boxers. Thongs. We’ve come a long way in the arena of men’s underwear. And thank god. Can you imagine if we still had to wear double-layered underpants that went all the way up to our belly buttons and included a button? Related: PHOTOS: Vintage Men In Loin Cloths Doing Weird Things The […]

Watch: Still Confused About the Whole Trans Bathroom Debate? #Trans102 Explains

Since stories out of North Carolina and Mississippi have brought the limelight again to trans people, and specifically where and how they use the bathroom, a new online video, titled “#Trans102: Bathrooms” and viewable below, features a number of trans activists including Jen Richards (Her Story) getting into how transphobic legislation barring bathroom access affects […]

Best-Dressed Man of the Week: Olly Alexander

Rule number one of attending a fashion show: Make sure you stand out. When you’re surrounded by celebrities, models, and numerous other pretty people, sometimes it’s hard to get noticed – fortunately that not a problem for Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander. The singer-slash-actor attended Gucci’s spring-summer 2017 fashion show in Milan wearing a […]

Wilson Cruz Speaks Out About Relative Shot During Orlando Attack

Actor and activist Wilson Cruz has revealed that he’s one of the many people who lost a loved one in the Orlando shooting.  The actor’s step aunt, Brenda Lee Marquez McCool, was one of the 49 people who died at the Pulse nightclub tragedy on June 12. McCool was a mother of 11 and survived […]

'Queer As Folk' Couples: Where Are They Now?

Let’s be real: Justin and Brian are the unanimously crowned “Couple of the Series.” The push and pull of their relationship is simultaneously unhealthy, loving, and addicting to watch. (It also made us weary of all those bad boys out there.) The two men had us constantly wondering: Will Brian ever grow up? Will Justin […]

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