Watch: Frankie Valenti (a.k.a. Johnny Hazzard) Flirts on a Rooftop at Night

Watch: Frankie Valenti (a.k.a. Johnny Hazzard) Flirts on a Rooftop at Night Photo Courtesy of Wolfe Video The film Tiger Orange, a dramatic feature about an emotional-baggage-carrying gay man named Todd who comes back to his California town to confront his estranged gay brother, came out on VOD and DVD earlier this summer. But that […]

It's Salvation Onstage for Strange Names' Liam Benzvi

Photo by Blake Leigh The thing about performers — whether actors, musicians, or artists — is that you don’t really know one until witnessing them work their craft. Once the curtain rises, an entirely different personality can break free.  For Liam Benzvi, co-founder and lead singer of indie pop outfit Strange Names, and self-professed theater kid, […]

Leslie Jordan Threw Coffee in Some Idiot's Face for Yelling Anti-Gay Slurs

Leslie Jordan Threw Coffee in Some Idiot’s Face for Yelling Anti-Gay Slurs at WeHo Starbucks Leslie Jordan is 4’11” of balls. The gay character actor and playwright best known for his Emmy-winning portrayal of Karen Walker’s archnemesis on Will & Grace — Beverly Leslie — did what any other Southern belle would when confronted with […]

Man's Best Friend

Photography by Cedric Terrell “My love for dogs has grown over the years, dramatically increasing with the addition of Chance, a Golden Retriever/Yellow Labrador, to my family last year,” photographer Cedric Terrell explains. “Over this past summer, I traveled to my hometown of Tampa, Florida to photograph local models and rescue dogs from Paw Print Hearts & […]

Julie Klausner stars with Billy Eichner in Difficult People this summer

Photography by Therese + Joel Styling by Marc George. Hair: Kyle Malone at Exclusive Artists Management. Makeup: Angela di Carlo. Shot at Sid Gold’s Request Room, NYC “To see an angry, unpleasant woman and her angry, unpleasant gay friend on television is important,” declares Julie Klausner. In her new Amy Poehler-produced Hulu series, Difficult People, […]

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