The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Is Back

Lisbeth Salander returns in the latest installment of the popular book series. By Adam Armstrong September 03 2015 5:29 PM EDT This week we welcomed back one of the most vibrant, complex, and bad ass characters in all of queer literature: the bisexual Swedish hacker, Lisbeth Salander. In the latest piece of the Millennium saga, […]

Need to Know: Andy Simmonds, a.k.a. Hey Rooney!

With his ‘Bubblegum Fem’ brand of artwork, the lively illustrator and Instagram favorite is flip-flopping gender norms and sexual identities. By R. Kurt Osenlund September 03 2015 5:00 PM EDT Are you masc? Fem? A wolf? A jock? Today, these Grindr-inspired gay subcategories matter, especially when it comes to who’s coming home with you. Both […]

Exclusive: Hey Rooney! Bubblegum Fem Artwork

immonds also posts ample photos of his bubbly self, a Mormon-raised, Salt Lake City native whose vibrant appearance melds perfectly with his work. “[Mormonism is] a very rigid belief system,” Simmonds says, “and an even stricter culture. I think having been in denial for so long caused me, once I came out, to be unashamedly—even […]

RuPaul's Drag Stars Host 30th Anniversary Golden Girls Marathon

In honor of The Golden Girls‘ 30th anniversary, RuPaul Drag Race favorites become the fabulous quartet and host 30 hours of the most iconic episodes for an upcoming marathon special. By Adam Armstrong September 03 2015 3:30 PM EDT To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the gay community’s favorite quartet of feisty ladies gracing the screens […]

WATCH: Dan Savage Tackles Kentucky Clerk’s Marriage Hypocrisy

Dan Savage appeared on MSNBC’s The Last Word and pointed out Kim Davis’ moral double standards on marriage. By Bil Browning September 02 2015 5:52 PM EDT Dan Savage tackled the hypocrisy of Kentucky’s renegade anti-LGBT clerk, Kim Davis’, refusal to issue marriage licenses citing her religious beliefs on Tuesday night’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. Davis […]

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