Natalie Portman and Lily-Rose Depp Share a Bath in First ‘Planetarium’ Trailer

Natalie Portman and Lily-Rose Depp will make a dream duo of actresses in the upcoming French-Belgian film Planetarium. The movie takes place in Paris during the 1930s and revolves around two American sisters who claim to be able to contact the dead. Watch the first trailer below: [embedded content] Planetarium opens November 16th, 2017 […]

Inside VK Nagrani, New York's Finest Menswear Speakeasy

Photos by Rocio Segura for VK Nagrani This new style mecca wants men to stop and enjoy their shopping experience. By Glenn Garner Fri, 2016-08-26 16:42 VK Nagrani is not just a business man. He’s a style guru for men in need of something more than a fast, anonymous retail experience. He considers his store […]

True Blue: 6 Fragrances to Upgrade Your Scent Game

For generations, artists have tried to claim ownership of their favorite shades (purple for Prince, red for Valentino, pink for Schiaparelli), and now perfumers are attempting to give their interpretation to the color blue. Picasso’s first love affair and Yves Klein’s lifelong inspiration, blue suggests serenity and fluidity. Andrée Putman’s latest scent, Formidable Man, and […]

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