Little Dragon's 'Strobe Light' Video Explores Queer South African Dance

Swedish band Little Dragon has released the music video for new single, “Strobe Light,” for which they enlisted the talents of director/photographer Kristin Lee Moolman and stylist Ib Kamara. The video follows a pair of South African dancers dressed in colorful gowns, and also features wild shots of cars doing donuts in parking lots.  Related […]

MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ To Live On as Potential Anthology Series

Though Teen Wolf is closing out a six-year run on MTV this summer with its final 10 episodes, the stories and mythos of Beacon Hills will live on within the franchise. According to The Hollywood Reporter, MTV is already in early talks with the show’s creator and showrunner Jeff Davis to turn Teen Wolf into […]

How Lenny Gerard Got His Music Heard

Years ago, I moved from sunny California to the “Big Apple” (New York City). I was inspired to move there since my favorite musicians made their start there. I knew it would be a tumultuous struggle but ultimately leading to success. I had a dream and wanted to pursue it. I spent countless hours every […]

Scottish Government Proposes Gender-Neutral Bathroom Plan for Schools

While the United States of House of Representatives has recently introduced legislation that would eliminate protections for transgender people, the Scottish Government is showing its support for trans students. The government has introduced a plan to instate gender-neutral bathrooms in schools, which would provide non-binary students with a safe option. The proposal was presented in […]

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