A Kiss

Photography by Doug Inglish. Styling by Grant Woolhead This page: Shorts by Topman Design Market editor: Michael Cook. Fashion assistant: Kenneth Hash. Groomer: Mira Chai Hyde at the Wall Group. Models: Joey Kirchner and Sean Harju at Soul Artist Management Source: Out

Meryl Streep Is Only Human

It seems that criticism of all-white domination in the film industry, as typified by this year’s batch of Oscar nominees, isn’t relegated to only this side of the Atlantic. At this year’s Berlinale Film Festival, which kicked off on Friday, the international jury is being chaired by none other than Meryl Streep, and beneath her […]

It's In The Cards: How I Got Read by a Gay Psychic

Photo: Milada Vigerova/Unsplash Gay tarot reader Dante Sabatino tells a writer what the future holds. By Glenn Garner Sat, 2016-02-13 12:05 The future can be a frightening concept. That’s why I was slightly reluctant to visit Dante Sabatino, a renowned tarot reader in Chelsea, New York. He’s provided his services for brands like Vogue and […]

Best-Dressed Men of the Week: The Cast of 'Zoolander 2'

Fifteen years on, the ludicrous fashion satire Zoolander still holds it own, and we can’t wait to see the sequel. While the first movie’s sweatshop subplot hasn’t lost an ounce of relevance, today there’s even more to tackle for Derek and Hansel, our dumb AF supermodels. Imagine them still trying to make it in an […]

MALTA: How a Small Mediterranean Island is Gaining Popularity Among LGBT Travelers

MALTA: How a Small Mediterranean Island is Gaining Popularity Among LGBT Travelers In recent years a small island sixty miles off the coast of Sicily has garnered attention from the worldwide LGBT community. Malta’s progressive stance on marriage equality and same-sex partnerships is only one reason why the island is such a great escape. Most […]

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